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An animatronic device is a mechanized mascot. Instead of a Human wearing a mascot costume, we create a static character and using either electronic or pneumatic technology create movement such as eyes, mouth, arms and legs. It can have simple movement such as an arm waving or complex with moving head, arms, legs and back. An animatronic character can be pre-programmed to behave in a specified manner or controlled remotely. At Theatreland we produce animatronic characters for: In store promotions, Exhibitions, Halloween Displays, Christmas Displays and more… Contact us on 021 531 5919 for more information.



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Mix, match and have fun. With over 20 000 costumes, accessories and props to choose from, your only limitation is your imagination! Buy, rent or custom made, Fancy That Costumes is here to make your costume something special. Private parties to Corporate events.

We cater for...

  • Fancy dress parties
  • Corporate functions
  • Themed weddings
  • Matric balls
  • Childrens parties
  • Special occasions
  • School events
  • Film, TV and advertising 
  • Promotions

Make your party swing!

With the Jonny Cooper Orchestra
South Africa's ambassadors of swing.

Various size bands available from 3 piece to 19 piece

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